Born from the crisis we were going through, Pangea is a collaboration between artist Laëtitia Rouget and creative director Colombine Jubert. Pangea is a utopia, a flash-forward to a poetic future without borders. We have imagined a new order based on joy, with new ministries, new schools, new ways of living. Each of our unique creations tells a little bit about this imaginary, yet latent, world. Join our utopia, join Pangea.



Five models stand on a rocky mound, holding the flags which are the 'banners' of Pangea.  | © Pangea 2023
Models stand with the flags cover their bodies. | © Pangea 2023
A model poses on a beach holding the 'Ministry of Autonomy' flag.  | © Pangea 2023
A model stands on the beach holding a Pangea flag, which a 'banner' and represents the thoughts of the Pangea utopia.  | © Pangea 2023
A model stands alone on a beach. | © Pangea 2023
Models pose together with Pangea flags wrapped around their bodies.  | © Pangea 2023
A model is seen posing surrounded by Pangea flags. | © Pangea 2023
A model poses on the beach wearing a Pangea bodysuit, and has a flag wrapped around her head.  | © Pangea 2023
A model stands on a rock on the beach, holding a Pangea flag 'banner'.  | © Pangea 2023
A model stands alone on a beach.  | © Pangea 2023
A model stands facing away from the camera.  | © Pangea 2023
The model / dancers are standing in a large circle performing their Pangea 'ritual'.  | © Pangea 2023
A model poses with a Pangea flag wrapped around her body.  | © Pangea 2023

Each flag represents the founding values of Pangea. These banners tell something about our future society through a symbolic and graphic bestiary. They symbolise the fight of our generation, our desire to change the established order.


The print has a white and brown border, with the main design showing a green fish and bird on a pale blue backgroud. The fish in the bottom right corner has a red heart above it. There is a large black crescent moon in the centre, surrounded by two green and white plants. | © Pangea 2023
The background of the print is white, with a black, green, red and yellow border. The main design shows a female figure (in black) and her shadow (in blue). There is a large red heart to the right. The print reads 'toi et moi, moi et toi'. | © Pangea 2023
The flag design has a white, lilac, black and darker purple border. The main design is of a black, lilac and purple arch that has a blue mountain in the middle with a white star. The letters in the corners spell 'Holy Self'. | © Pangea 2023
The print is displayed showing the entire design. A blue and white border, with black flowers in the corner. The main design shows two red arches, with a black and green whale leaping with a yellow star above it, to the right hand-side. There is a big plant on the left, with a crescent moon above.  | © Pangea 2023
The background of the flag is alternating white, dark blue and dusky blue squares. Amongst this is the main design of a grey wolf.   | © Pangea 2023
The print has a royal blue background, and a red, black and green border. The main design is a black shape with a white and yellow shadow. | © Pangea 2023