The right half of the flag. Showing the pink and red colours with the blue border and a green and black whale jumping.  | © Pangea 2023
The flag is displayed on a wall in a bedroom. | © Pangea 2023
Another angle of the flag displayed in a bedroom. | © Pangea 2023
The whole flag. The flag shows a design with three arches. There is a big red plant that shows through the left and middle arch. There is a black and green leaping whale in the right hand arch and a yellow star above its head. 'Dream' is embroidered in green. | © Pangea 2023
The back of the flag is yellow and has 'Dream Catcher' and the creators names embroidered in black. | © Pangea 2023
A close up of the design - showing the blue border with white leafs embroidered on it. | © Pangea 2023
A close up of the whale and the star. | © Pangea 2023

Flag - Dream Catcher

750 Eur


Wall Textile Piece - Limited edition of 5 pieces per design.

100% cotton, patchwork and embroidery. 

Handmade with love by Rafia and her craftsmen team.

Two tunnels in the back of the flag allow you to use a drawbar to hang the piece on your wall. 

Each flag is a delicate piece of craftsmanship : don't spill water on it, and don't expose it to direct sunlight for too long. 

**Dry-clean only. 


Pièce Murale - Edition limitée de 5 pièces par motif. 

100% coton, le patchwork et la broderie. 

Réalisé à la main par Rafia et son atelier en Inde. 

Deux galeries au dos du drapeau permettent d'y passer un tourillon ou une corde pour l'accrocher au mur. 

Chaque drapeau est une pièce d'artisanat délicate et fragile : les drapeaux n'aiment pas l'eau, ni une exposition trop prolongée au soleil.

**En cas de tâche, lavage à sec uniquement. 


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